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  • Senior Care Series: What to Know When Choosing a Nursing Home

    Although it is the goal for most people to avoid ever going to a nursing home, for many it is needed even if just for short-term rehab. Choosing a nursing home can be daunting especially if you have to make the decision in a hurry (which is often the case). In this presentation, we will discuss the top 5 mistakes people make when choosing a nursing home as it relates to both short-term and long-term care. Knowing which nursing homes you would choose if it becomes necessary is an important part of being prepared in the event of a hospitalization. The second part of this workshop will lay out some other important things you may need when your parent is being discharged from the hospital. Limited to 100.
  • Senior Care Series: Helping Your Loved Ones Stay Home

    In this workshop, we will explore the dynamic of shifting parenting. When our parents start making poor decisions it is hard to get them to do what is needed, because we are their children and not their parents. Participants will learn reasons why our parents’ decision making becomes so questionable and ways to help maintain their sense of independence. For many people, their goal is to honor their parents’ wishes to remain at home. This is often not as straightforward as it may seem. The second part of the workshop will help participants learn what considerations are needed to support a loved one to successfully age at home. Limited to 100.