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After School Classes for Eliot Students
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About After School Classes for Eliot Students

Enrollment Policy: Students may only register for NCE classes at the school they currently attend (for example students at Eliot may only enroll in NCE after school classes held at Eliot).

After School Classes begin at the end of the school day. Students are dismissed to the designated NCE gathering area of their school, where they are supervised by the NCE On-Site Coordinator until their instructor arrives to escort the students to their classroom.

For students in NEDP: Students enrolled in NEDP may also register for NCE Elementary programs. They will be escorted back to NEDP at the end of their class. Note: Please provide NEDP with a Dismissal Change Form to notify NEDP that your child will be attending their NCE class and returning to NEDP upon its conclusion.

There are no After School Classes for Eliot Students courses available for registration.